Friday, April 9, 2010

Fun with Cousins

We decided to make a short trip out to Blythe to visit the cousins since it was spring break. The kids had so much fun playing together and were even asking to go see each other the first day after we had to leave. We had sleepover time on the family room floor, frosted and decorated cupcakes, lots of park time, and went to the Colorado River Fair where the kids enjoyed giant icees! We are hoping to have them come visit this way in a few weeks! Nothing better than cousins!

Yay for movie time!

Auntie Amanda and Gwen

Shane was so proud of his work!

Chase loved decorating and was so precise in his choice of placement haha!

Jonah is just the cutest!

Gwen and Chase trying to figure out what was in each hole by feeling the objects and not looking!

Shane was doing great at the ring toss!

Jonah loved the icee just as much as the older kids!

Gwen got a butterfly painted on her which was great to watch since my boys won't let anything be painted on the face, arm or anywhere unless they do it themselves when told not too LOL!

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