Sunday, April 11, 2010

Farrell's Rocks!

Steve informed Shane Saturday morning that we were going on a surprise trip for him since it was his birthday weekend! He was so excited and so we all got dressed and set out on the road down to Mission Viejo to go to the new Farrell's. I loved this place as a kid and they used to be all over but had closed up and not been around for many years. This place is loud and pretty much every table has a birthday or celebration going on of some sort so there was lots of singing and noise! Our food was yummy and Shane was thrilled to have them sing "Happy Birthday" to the theme of "We will Rock You" while he enjoyed his birthday clown sundae! The smile on his face was all worth the long wait to sit down and it is a place I'm sure we will return to soon!

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The Pope Family said...

Iloved Farrell's as a kid!