Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I am THANKFUL-Post #2

Today's post is about one of the most special people I have been blessed to have in my life-my brother Eric! He was born with special needs and despite all he goes through and all the things in life he has not been able to do or have-he is one of the most happy people I know-loves music and life and is always in a good mood and ready to smile. How can you not just love and adore someone who thinks bringing him a milkshake or chocolate milk is like winning the lottery. The easiest and smallest things make him completely content and beyond grateful. If only more of us could think this way! I count myself as lucky to have him as my brother and in our family. I truly believe we are better people because we have had him to teach us just how precious life is and how to really appreciate even the smallest things. You never know what you truly can do or become until you have to put others ahead of yourself and in helping care for him over the years-I have come to learn just what really is important!

I love you Eric-more than I could ever say!

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