Thursday, December 6, 2007

How did I let a whole month go by without posting?

Well now that its December......I guess I missed out on sharing a few adventures we had in November.

Hmmm....lets see......
We spent Thanksgiving weekend out in Blythe with my brother and his family. The kids had a blast with their cousin Gwen who is 18 months old and only three months older than Chase. They spent lots of time bundled up in hats and coats in the evenings playing in the yard with the dog and just running around crazy. They were all so cute in their winter attire. Grandpa, Uncle Joe, Steve and Shane went out to Quartzite on Friday for a bit and explored. They got some cute pictures and this is one of my favorites. Shane even brought back a cotton bush branch to bring for share day. They also found a giant Tarantula and took pics-YIKES!

We decided to drive back on Saturday to avoid the Sunday traffic. We went to DownTown Disney Sunday afternoon to just walk around and see if they had Christmas decorations up yet, and its Disney so of course they did. Here are a few pictures......
The boys sitting in Santa's chair...he must have been taking a break!!!
Shane in front of the huge tree outside!
The tree inside the Grand Californian Hotel!!!

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