Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Fun

Halloween came and went so fast this year. We opted to do homemade pirate costumes this year since I didn't want to go out and spend $30 on a store bought costume and my sewing skills are kinda shabby. The boys enjoyed trick or treating, especially Shane even if we only hit about 10 houses. Wont be able to get away with that much longer:)

Here's some pictures-thanks to Auntie Rebecca!

Chase made such a cute little pirate, check out those eye brows!

We were trying to get Shane to make a pirate "AARRGG" face but he had a candy in his mouth and this is the best we could get. Oh yeah and Shane wanted to draw his own skull on his shirt so he did and thats how it turned out! He'll get there soon enough!

This was one of the coolest Halloween decorations we saw-it was an animatronic and it looked super real.

How do you get so much darn candy even with only going to a few houses-its way to tempting! Hope you all had a fun spooky day this year. And now its Thanksgiving and then Christmas-now thats SCARY!!!!


rebeccaroni said...

So super cute! It looks like they boys had so much fun!

bladbox said...

Hey Jennifer,
I'm trying to get into myspace to see all the post from the class reunion a couple years ago...Brook (Hilton) Blad

Is there any info still on there! I would love to see pics of people!

bladbox said...

email me I have a question for you about an old classmate.