Friday, January 25, 2008

Long overdue Christmas Post, sorry its so late!

We had Christmas a bit early with my family, actually the Saturday before Christmas. My brother, his wife, and my niece came out for the weekend. We had a gathering at my moms and everyone had a blast. My dad had to bring home all our loot in his car since I didn't take the stroller out of the trunk and it wouldn't all fit! FUN but way too many presents!

Chase and cousin Gwen eating gingerbread cookies and playing with Shane's "Meet the Robinsons" characters!

Chase and dad smiling for the camera!

Shane saying "Sweet a Meet the Robinsons tent!!!"

Auntie Adelle and Shane posing for pictures...they got caught in the act. My sister is really good at self portraits now:)

We had dinner at Mimi's Cafe on Christmas Eve. My sister has a gall stone and can't eat to many things or she is in major pain, this was her request for what she wanted. We had a great time in a very empty restaurant and everyone got to pick what they wanted:)

Just about the time he was done sitting at the restaurant we handed this baguette to him which he promptly put to his ear and said "HELLO?" He thought he was super hilarious and it kept him busy long enough to get the bill paid!

I snuck into this shot with Shane and my sister, I look awful so just ignore me in the background!

Chase and daddy:)

I had to put this in, Steve decided to take a picture of the mess Chase made with all the things he didn't want that we handed to him, we helped clean it up a bit before leaving.

After dinner we headed to the beach to play around for awhile and watch the sunset!

I love sunsets!

Playing on the lifegaurd stand, poor Chase had scrapes on the back of his shins which I didn't notice till the next morning...poor guy:( He never cried or anyhting though so it must not have hurt much.

It was much darker than this photo lets on, it was almost dark at this point!

Christmas morning, FINALLY!!!! Mom made it easy and did a different type of wrapping paper for each kiddo so they didn't have to each be labeled and it made for easy determination as to what was for who! Shane had Marvel superhero wrapping and Chase had Winnie the Pooh:)

The bit hit from SANTA.....they play with this thing All THE TIME, its great!!!!!!

Chase really didn't care much about unwrapping but he wanted everything opened immediately once he saw what it was!

Shane on the other hand wanted to unwrap everything he saw so he unwrapped all of his and then started on his brothers. Good thing Chase didn't care as long as he gave up the loot inside!!!

A bit blurry but Shane LOVED this cardboard metrolink which is basically a commuter train for people to get around LA and such. He is such a nut when it comes to any train:)

Chase got this little leapfrog talking toy in hopes it might encourage some speech. He now says "Yo aba aba" for Yo gabba gabba and "anana" for banana so maybe I just need to listen more closely to pick things out in his babble!

And last but not least Shane requested a backpack with wheels for school so dad picked this bag out from Paul Frank....Chase pulled it around all morning. I hope he doesn't get mad when its time for brother to actually take off with it to school:) It is super adorable and the price was just right since we have a good friend who got it at his employee cost, we only had to pay about 1/4 the retail price...WOOHOO!!!

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