Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chase's Birthday Party

We opted for a low key playtime/party at the park which was next to the beach in the early evening to get out of the heat and have fun in the sand, eat some yummy snacks, and have cupcakes. It turned out very nice. The kids had fun with all the sand toys, playing on the playground and trying out some of Chase's new toys.

Dad was holdng Chase while we sang "Happy Birthday" and Chase got a bit shy and hid, it was quite adorable if you ask me! After a bit he took a peek.

MMMM...his first chocolate cupcake! He enjoyed it but rather prefered to dip his baby carrots in the frosting. He's only one and already a dipper-I think he got that gene from dad.

Here's our little friend Jade enjoying her cupcake!

Check out my new ride from Grandpa and Grandma Hartmann and Uncle Eric. I'm stylin' now!

Big Brother Shane had fun giving Cousin Avery rides in the buggy too, we just had to make sure he didn't crash him into everything....he's a CRAZY DRIVER!

He's into things with wheels these days-Grandma Call got him this Radio Flyer Scoot About. He really like sit and now can go out with brother when he goes out to ride his bike!

He also got this super cute toy and Hoody Sweatshirt from Uncle Doug, Aunt Natalie, and Cousin Avery aong with some cool toddler spoons which are super yummy to chew on and a new Nuby sippy cup!!!!

Thanks everyone-it was a Blast!!!!!

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