Monday, August 20, 2007

Chase is ONE today!

My Dearest baby boy,

I can't believe its been a whole year since you joined our family. It has gone by so quickly and yet I don't even remember what our home was like without you as a part of it. You have made so many changes. You came into the world completely helpless needing constant love and attention and have become so independent waddling around the house determined to chase down your big brother Shane. Shane loves you beyond what words can express and your bond as brothers is growing stronger by the day!

You were just a few minutes old but already I loved you so much!

One day old! You had so many visitors, you were wiped out. All that eating, pooping, and looking cute for all your admirers was hard work!

One month old! You really didn't like the binky but it was just so cute that mom had to sneak it in while you were sleeping so I could get some pictures! You had the cutest little belly(not so cute to have when you get older but as a baby its too adorable!)

2 months old! Uncle Doug and Aunt Natalie gave you this awesome The Cure shirt and you looked super cool wearing it while you had a blast playing with toys....Look at that Smile!

First Disneyland Trip-we went with Auntie Adelle. It was so much fun to bring you to one of our favorite places to visit as a family. You especially liked looking around inside small world-of course I think it was the only ride you went on!

First Halloween-this was taken by Aunt Natalie at the carnival at Wilson Park we went to with Uncle Doug, Aunt Natalie, and cousin Avery! Mommy had purchased a black cat costume for you before you were born but you grew so fast she had to go out and buy a bigger costume-so you were a cow. It was very cute!!!

3 months old-you loved your bouncy seat but only for a few minuts and then you'd scream for mom to come save you!

4 months old-Aunt Rebecca gave you an exersaucer over christmas and you loved it! You especially loved to chew on all the toys.

First Santa picture with big brother Shane

First Christmas-it was so much fun to spend time with family over Christmas. You got to meet your great-grandma Hartmann for the first time and she was thrilled to meet you-she thought you were the cutest little guy!

5 months old-you were getting cuter by the month and could now hold your head up and try to get around on the floor!

6 months old-Look at those big blues eyes!

7 months old and on the move!!!

8 months old and loving trying out new foods!

First encounter with the Lego Man at Downtown Disney-not too sure you were much of a fan!

9 months old-looking so grown up all ready-SLOW DOWN!!!!

10 months old-At the park with friends, you loved crawling all over and exploring-trying to eat grass or whatever else you can find!

11 months old-We've been swimming a ton this summer which you love(your like a little fish) and this day we decided to eat watermelon at the pool which you thought was an excellent idea!!!

1 year old-You are such a handsome little young man. You've been walking around a bit since about 11 months or so but still like to crawl when in a hurry to get there fast! You are determined to get walking down though and practice a tn each day. You are getting your balance down and will be running in no time I'm sure! You now have 8 teeth which you love to try out on anyone who puts fingers or anything else near them! Your smile is contagious and everyone you meet thinks your big round blue eyes are amazing!

I feel beyond blessed to be your mommy and enjoy loving you every day! Your daddy loves and thinks the world of you! Shane loves his baby brother so much! Our family is now complete! We love you so much Chase-HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!

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