Monday, August 27, 2007

Life just wouldn't be the same without tantrums!!!!

You know there are days when I feel like I see these faces a good part of the day. Chase is a stubborn little guy who throws excellent tantrums when he can't do some of the following:

*climb the couch and push buttons on the air conditioner
*play with the computer keyboard
* have the TV remote when someone else is using it
*big brother takes a toy or book away he loves

Or whenever mood strikes!

Maybe it seems mean but I kinda just have to laugh at time at his expressions!

This is my favorite!!!


Anonymous said...

hey there! nice to see a familiar face in the blog world. i will add you too! ok!

The Call Family said...

Sure I'd love friends on here that actually leave comments!

Our Family said...

I should clarify that statement a bit. I have one person for sure, Lydia who is awesome and reads my blog:) Thanks-my family and friends haven't caught on to the blog thing yet!

Lydia said...

Lol, right back at ya! I was going to make a comment on my blog about that with my family. Both sides of our family get on the blog and if I don't post enough I hear about it. But do any of them actually leave comments???? Nope.

Call Family said... should make a nice long quilt trip of a blog for them totally!

Heck- I haven't even got my family to make their own blogs yet!