Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Miss Teen USA

Last Friday I went to watch the Miss Teen USA pageant with my sister. The company her friend works for does all the hair for the Miss USA pageants so we had great seats, they were in the 5th row and you could see everything really close up. It was agreat excuse to get dressed up and have a girls night. All the girls were very beautiful and it was great to watch the whole process of a "LIVE" show being filmed. I was routing for Miss New Jersey and she got first runner up-cute girl and she gave an excellent answer to her question and there was just really something about the way she carried herself.Miss Colorado was crowned Miss Teen USA 2007. I thought it was interesting that Miss Universe(who's from Japan), Miss USA, and the new Miss Teen USA are all brunettes. All three live together in an apartment in New York owned by Donald Trump of course and I'm sure its not often that there isn't at least one or two that are blonde. They are all very pretty none the less!
We went to the after party as well that was for the girls and there families and such. They had yummy italian food which my sister said wasn't that great but I think I was just starving by that point. We ate and walked around and mingled a bit and got our picture taken with Miss USA too!I had a good time hanging with my sister so the night was a great one!


Lydia said...

So, how bad was Miss South Carolina in the Q&A live? It is all the talk right now. I just watched it on YouTube. I feel bad for the poor girl. The pressure of answering questions live just gives me the chills. On the other hand, they practically spend their adolescence practicing and preparing for the Q&A portion.

Call Family said...

Honestly when watching it live it wasn't that big a deal. I remember thinking "Well she blew it" and my sister leaned over and said "The perfect example of a beauty pageant contestant, all beauty no brains".

I really think she just got nervous and started talking, got confused and just couldn't recover her answer.

My husband thinks whoever was coaching/preping her probably told her to tie in "hot topics such as Iraq" into her answer if possible. Could be but who knows!

I also feel bad for her, she's what 18 and all this press, although the publicity could be good. She has way more notoriety than the actual winner has thus far!

Oh and insane hubby(per his own description) wants to know how much you can get the new Nano wires 3.0 for. He says they retail for like $300 something! I swear he's like a girl with his freaking sunglasses, he has like 5 times as many as I do!

Peter and Michael said...

Wow, that must have been a fabulous experience! I am so amazed at the press andhow they can make something out of nothing. I saw the clip and was embarrased for her but mostly felt like they should have left it alone. Poor thing was just nervous. Anyway, it looks like you had a great time!