Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Redondo Beach

The two boys and I decided to meet a few friends for a quick evening trip down to the beach to play in the sand, get a bit wet, and watch the sunset. We only live about 10 min from the beach so I figured why not take advantage and let the boys get out and get a bunch of energy out on a Friday night. Steve had to miss out as he was stuck at work trying to finish up his homework for the week.(Alas he went back to get a degree in buisness so he always has homework these days!) We finally got over there and found our friends and the kids were really enjoying themselves. Shane decided he didn't like the waves since they kept coming back at him and Chase figured out he LOVES the beach! That boy dod not want to come out of the water-I could hardly keep up with getting to him before a wave would come. He ate it a few times and got knocked over by a couple waves but didn't seem to mind. We had a great time keeping cool on a pretty warm evening.

Towards the beginning of my sunset photos!

Chase loved the sand toys, I was really surprised how well he did trying to use the shovel.

Shane was a bit nervous about the waves-thus the fingers in the mouth-weird because you couldn't keep him out of the water last summer!

"Umm..Mom...I'm not to sure about that water and what the heck is that yucky green stuff on the ground."

"Sweeet! Look Mom...birds!" Chase just loved the birds and he was sure he'd eventually catch up!

"Here I come...I'm gonna get ya!" To bad his big brother kept chasing them away before he could get to them!

"I think I could get used to this!" And he did after getting knocked over a half dozen times!

Despite the funny look on his face..I couldn't get him to come away from the water at this point. He didn't even care about getting knocked over and as soon as I'd carry him to the top of the wet sand he'd make a break for it...runnning toward the waves. He LOVED it!

And this was the last photo I got in before the sun disappeared behind the horizon...it was a beautiful sunset and a great time with my boys!


Anonymous said...

aww! they look like they had such a good time! Chase looks right at home, be careful you're going to have a little surfer on your hands

Call Family said...

I know, everyone keeps telling me with that blonde hair and blue eyes-we're in trouble when he gets older!