Friday, November 13, 2009

Oak Glen for Pumpkins and Apples....

A few weekends before Halloween we headed out to Oak Glen, Ca to meet up with my whole family and visit some Apple Farms to pick pumpkins and enjoy Apple of my favorite things about fall!!! We enjoyed apple cider(Shane's favorite), caramel apples, and bought apple butter to bring home. We also took a big hike up the hill to pick out our pumpkins and then had to hike back down the hill to the car to put our pumpkins away-man the wagons I saw people with sure would have come in handy! My grandma was in town visiting so she came along as well and it was super fun to have all the cousins running around enjoying each other!!! This was year two of an autumn day trip that I have a feeling is gonna be a new tradition in our family for years to come!

I found this face sitting there staring at me while on our hunt for the perfect pumpkin and just had to have a picture haha!!!

Our little family minus Shane!

My lovely sister with Steve-what a handsome hubby I have!

Shane trying to decide if this was the one!

My super cute niece Gwen:)

My brother Joe and sister Adelle-they like each other so much more now that they are grown-haha!!!

Steve and I in one of very few pictures we have of the two of us-I need to remedy that!

Shane with his great grandma Macho!

My mom with both her girls!

Adelle with my super adorable nephew Jonah!!!

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