Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Funny kiddo!!!

Chase did the cutest/funniest thing last night.

We often play this game where we steal each others parts off our faces such as noses, mouth, ears etc. Well last night Steve was doing this with Chase and he pretended to steal Chase's nose. He then pretended to stick it in his mouth, Say "YUCK", and then spit it out. Chase was so funny-he ran across the room, pretended to pick his nose back up and stick it back on his face. Steve was dying of laughter.

Pretty smart kid I thought!!!

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angie said...

oh I'm so happy you found me! Blogs are so fun!!! So great! Especially because I haven't even seen little chase since he was a baby! I love these pictures! I'm so jealous of my family, they get to see you guys all the time!