Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Shane!

Wow has time flown by-I can't believe its been seven years since I became a mom for the first time!

We started off the morning taking daddy to work and then it was off to the donut shop per Shane's breakfast choice-we went to Torrance Bakery and he actually chose a piece of strawberry cheesecake instead of a donut which I justified as "Ok it is only his birthday once a year-how could he resist with those huge strawberries on top. And how much worse can cheesecake be than a donut)

He then had his 7 year check-up at the doctors office and he is now up to 42 lbs and 43 1/2 inches tall, tiny in comparison to a lot of kids his age but he was actually in the 7th percentile for weight which is the highest he's been in a long time. Doctor said he looked really great and Shane was really happy till he had to have a tb test. I had told him no shots so it was my fault, he was pretty pissed off. Anyways, we made things ok with a trip for lunch to McDonalds. Man it sounds like he just eats junk food but really we don't go out that much so I guess one day will be ok.

Later we are off to a little aquarium close to our house and then dinner at Chinese with Grandma Call, Grandpa and Grandma Hartmann, Aunt Adelle, and Mom. Dad, and Chase.

Happy Birthday to my best little buddy-I love being your momma:)

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Jen said...

Happy 7th Birthday Shane!!!!
I love cheesecake too! :)

I can't believe your little guy is 7 already, time has gone by way too fast....