Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Weekend!!!

I am such a bad picture taking mom... we took the boys to two Egg Hunts this year and I didn't take pictures at either. Steve had to take one kid and me the other and its always such a mad dash that I didn't bother. The first one was put on by the therapy place Shane goes to for OT and PT and they got tons of eggs and Chase even found a golden egg and got to choose a stuffed animal. The second was at the air force base near our house and was lots of fun. They had the egg hunt along with hot dogs, chips, juice, cotton candy, popcorn and lots of fun things to do like a magic show, petting zoo, and of course the bounce houses which are always a hit!!! They also had pictures with the Easter bunny at both and we got one of Shane at the first hunt but Chase was as expected terrified of the Easter bunny!!!

On Saturday after the Egg Hunt, Chase's nap, and mom finishing some laundry we went to the beach in the afternoon to play in the sand and enjoy the warm weekend. Chase loved the water as you can tell from the pictures while Shane decided he was afraid of it and preferred to stay with mom and dig in the sand!

Here are lots of pictures although I don't feel like adding captions so you'll just have to enjoy the sand and sun!

Don't you love sunsets!!!!!

Sunday we went to church in the morning and then we were off to my mom and dads for Easter dinner and swimming-the boys were so excited, I swear my kids are half fish.

Oh, and the Easter bunny skipped our house since we had so much candy already and neither of my boys knew about that tradition yet-I was trying to take advantage while I still could and I figured the egg hunts and activites were much more fun anyways! However, grandma and Aunt Adelle said the Easter bunny came to grandmas so both boy got Easter storage bins(haha, so much more practical and easier to take in the car) and they were stoked. Shanes included a tic tac toe game, gorilla cup, sidewalk chalk, and a few other goodies while Chases had mostly bubble things, a nerf type dart game, a lion cup and other random treats!

Thanks Easter Bunny!!!


Dave & Liz said...

Beautiful Pictures. That first one could be on a greeting card. What a great father/son picture with the sunset!!!

Being A Mom said...

I loved these pics!

And I'm back to writing on this blog again :)

Jen said...

how fun! I love the pic's of Steve & Chase near the water!!!