Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Venice, Muscle Beach, and an evening at the beach!

Saturday was a pretty fun day. We headed down to Venice and Muscle Beach to watch Steve's friend Robert Spino compete in a powerlifting competition. He's amazing, a huge guy and super strong. He holds the title of 9th strongest man in the USA or something like that. Steve took some interesting photos down there as well and man are there some strange cats there!
This poor dog was all dreads and it looked so heavy-I'm sure it wasn't very comfortable.
Haha Steve had Shane take a picture with the weird gorilla statue inside the tattoo shop. Doesn't he looked thrilled!
This was some metal guy on stilts-pretty funky!
Robert Spino-He squatted 705 lbs and bench pressed over 600lbs-YIKES!
Shane trying to flex like Spino:)
Shane's first attempt at weight-lifting! I thik he has a ways to go!

Well the kids got burnt out and so did we so after a good 4 hours we decided to head out and let Chase get an afternoon nap in so we were off on a car ride. After a stop for a burger and a bit of site seeing we went down to let daddy see how much Chase loves the beach! He was abit cranky, I don't think his nap was long enough so we only stayed for a bit.
Mommy and Chase
Daddy and Chase
Chase was just kinda watching the waves...he was still zoning a bit from his nap.
Shane decided he hated the water and wouldn't go in so here he is on the trip back to that car when he was a much happier camper!
At this point we were all beat, sunburned despite the sunblock and ready to go home and relax...which is what we did and the boys slept well that night!


Lydia said...

Wow, I couldn't tell if that was a dog or a mop. So then I thought why would Jennifer post picture of a mop? Uh...read, Lydia, read.

Call Family said...

Haha I know its kind of an ugly picture...at least that was my thought after posting it. There are too many weird things in Venice Beach!