Monday, September 17, 2007

Car shows, kids, and much needed pampering.....

This weekend wasn't to busy but as I usually am by friday evening I was ready for a few days with no school or work. The taxi driver/chef/housekeeper/baby cleaner(aka:mom) was burnt out. I know school will help out in the long run for us but I think I might need a major vacation to recoup when Steve finally is done!

Saturday morning was kind of a lounge around and get some much needed rest time although Chase was ready to go at his normal 6AM time and then down for a nap by 10Am. Gotta love being able to just sleep at any moment, by that time the rest of us are up and having to get things done. Around noon we were off to visit Grandma and Grandpa Hartmann to retreive Steve and Shane's popsicles they have been waiting to get ahold of. I should buy stock in Popsicle or Otter Pops for that matter. Anyways....we enjoyed visiting for awhile and when Auntie Adelle showed up after being gone in Las Vegas for work for the last week...we all headed off to dinner at The Whole Enchilada and then Jennifer, Adelle and Grandma went to get pedicures..WoooHooo!!!! Thanks Mom and Adelle-I needed that! Steve took the boys for me...thanks Steve! That makes it a whole two time I've done that since Chase was born. I really need to get out more. We ended the evening at DownTown Disney and enjoyed the fireworks before heading home to crash.

Sunday Steve had to take pictures and video at the PALOS VERDES CONCOURS D'ELEGANCE at Trump National Golf Course. He had a good time but got sunburned to a nice shade of pink and was pretty beat after that. He said he saw Jay Leno and a ton of awesome cars. He came home for a bit, the boys attacked him and were super happy to see him(especially Chase-he loves DAD) and then we took a family drive to get the rest of us out of the was a little tired of being stuck at home with two crazy boys. We watched the sunset in PV from the Point Vicente Interpretive Center which was awesome and then finished off or night by coming home, baking and eating some yummy chocolate chip cookies!

Gotta love the weekend!


Peter and Michael said...

Looks like so much fun! Ah, pedicures! What I would give for a California Pedicure!

Call Family said...

It was very nice...the place we went to had the spa pedicures and they gave you a bottle of chilled water, a pillow, and heaven!