Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shane's Day at the Hospital

Shane went in for a eye check-up under anesthesia up at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. The eye doc does this every year or two to check his eyes for glaucoma since he won't let him use the pen tool on his eye ball in the office-can't say I blame him! Well he came away with a new train toy and was happy to get out of there after a rough waking up from the anesthesia. Shane didn't want to take the "happy juice" medicine as he usually does and boy did he wake up on the wrong side of the hospital bed. Poor guy was all confused-thought he hadn't been asleep yet and was crying "I don't want to go to sleep!" I had to warn the nurse she'd have to take the IV out ASAP or else he'd be ripping it out on his own-he hates IV's and they put it in after he's asleep. He didn't even want a popsicle and he never turns down a popsicle. Yay for not having to go back for a few years we hope!!! Good thing a trip to McDonald's made it all better right after we left-amazing how that place does that ha ha!

"Is it my turn yet?" We heard this about a hundred times!

He got to watch "Bee Movie" on a portable DVD player while waiting-YAY!

Anxiously waiting-I can tell since he is chewing his fingers-poor guy!

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