Monday, March 1, 2010

Lake Tahoe

Some good friends invited us to join them on their vacation to Lake Tahoe in February and we were thrilled to join them. The boys had a blast with their 2 kids and their was plenty of time for snow activities, movies, wrestling, using the hot tub and relaxing for the adults! We got lots and lots of snow while we were their and were lucky enough to have clear days on our trip up and back since we didn't have chains for our car. So fun to get away and just leave the real world behind us for some much needed family fun! Thanks Coveys for the invite!

Yay-Snow in Lake Tahoe!

A huge icicle we saw hanging from someones roof!

So much snow one of the days we were there!

Lots of time for pillow fights and wrestling!

Shane-love that boy! This pic so captures some moments with him haha!

Snow Chicken according to Chase-he and daddy made it!

Go mommy and Shane!

Hot tubing during a huge snow storm! Yes we were that nuts haha!

Chase-so handsome!

Go Shane Go!

Go Chase Go!

Daddy and Shane rippin it up!

Daddy caught some major air.....

...and then ate it pretty good!

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