Thursday, September 10, 2009

First day of school for both boys.....hear the quiet, I do haha!!!

Haha-Chases face is hilarious!
Chases new preschool
"Mom I'm busy here!"

Shane and Miss Wilson-his one on one aide!
Brothers on the first day of school 2009

It was back to school this morning and after not too much trouble waking the boys up and some breakfast and cartoons, we were off to Chase's first day at preschool and Shane's first day of 2nd grade. Both boys were excited and so off we went to take Chase first...he was so ready. I pretty much got a "Bye Mom" and he was off and playing! Shane and I were then ready to go to his school. They have a later start time this year so its a change but all worked out smoothly since Chase has to be there earlier. Shane went right back to his little routine at school and was busy fixing the calendar in his class before I left-he is the official calendar monitor haha well at least according to him! He even had to fix the calendar in Chases preschool class. It was his preschool class too so he felt right at home I guess hehe!!!


Stu and Angie Milne said...

oh how cute are they! and how nice for you to have some mommy time while they're away :)

Keri, Gary, Abigail and Luke said...

Wow, enjoy the quiet time...can't wait for some of that over here!