Monday, May 4, 2009

California Adventures-just the boys...

Steve and Shane had 2fer tickets from Shane's birthday last month and decided to use them them this weekend as they are only good till the 11th or so...and since Chase is still 2-he's free!!! So it was a boys trip to the park-they had a blast and the boys slept like logs after a busy day-I even had to keep Shane home from school today as he slept in till 10 am haha!!!! Didn't think that the teachers would appreciate a super sleepy/grumpy Shane! They spent most of their time in either "A Bugs Land" or the "Redwood Creek Challenge Trail" and Steve said the boys had the best time climbing, sliding, and being boys in the challenge trail area! They both loved the Caterpillar ride and also rode Monsters Inc. a few times!!! Chase was in heaven as he loves the movie "A Bugs Life" right now-funny though-he's terrified of bugs in real life haha!!! They finished off the night with the fireworks show and then I picked them up and brought home a tired bunch of boys-off to bed they went! Oh and I spent the day getting some much needed rest and pampering which included a facial and a pedicure....ahhhh!!!

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