Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Krispy Kreme Birthday!!!

Shane turned 8 last Saturday and spent the day with dad at Disneyland but yesterday was his little party for friends and family at Krispy Kreme and everyone had a good time! The kids got gift certificates for a free dozen doughnuts as part of their party favors along with whistles, mazes, and colored pencils and hats. Haha-the manger even tried to send all the kids home with a half dozen each but lots of parents snuck out-haha, can't say I blamed them :) Lots of doughnuts, a few games, and lots of fun later-everyone went home dreaming of doughnuts I'm sure!!!


The Pope Family said...

Yum!! Wish we could have been there!

Jen Anderson said...

Donuts on your birthday?! YUMMY!

Happy birthday to Shane, how is he 8 already?!

Looks like lots of fun and delicous too... I think we just might go get a dozen this weekend!