Thursday, April 9, 2009

Art in Nature class

Chase was invited by Aunt Natalie to try out her new art class for kids at her new creativity center for children called AveryBoo Arts ( We were so excited to give it a try since he's too young for the art class Shane is in on Tuesday afternoons. Well since its spring break this week and Shane was home-he got to give it a try too. Many thanks to Aunt Natalie for letting both of them come and try it!!! The kids loved it-they learned about rainbows and colors in nature, read some books, and made rainbow suncatchers out of fun colored wheel pasta. Chase was so precise in making his just right and Shane went for the creative unique look with his. My boys are so talented:)
Chatting with cousin Avery
Shane painting his heart out!
Chase loved his rainbow project!
"Look mom-I'm making circles and colors!"-he was in the middle of a sentence HAHA!!!
Shane working on his "patterns" as he called them!


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