Friday, February 27, 2009

We are around-really!!!

Who doesn't love spaghetti right?

I have been a horrible mom lately in the picture taking department and the blogging department for that matter!!! I have it in my purse but forget to get it out or am just so busy chasing two boys that I don't get the chance. They always seem to be going 100 miles an hour.

We've been busy lately with school, art class, My Gym, and weekend trips to San Clemente beach and Shane's favorite place "Joe's Italian Ice". He has fallen in love with the pier down in San Clemente since it combines his to biggest loves-the BEACH and TRAINS!!! He loves to sit on the swings facing the tracks and wait for Amtrak trains or Metrolinks to go by. He also has started a collection of white rocks and shells from the beach he hope to add to on each trip!! Chase is just happy to follow along and pick up any rock that looks "big!" For those who haven't heard of Joe's its a must try-you'll love it!!!! Its on Harbor Blvd just a little south of Disneyland and its a real treat!!! Its good anytime but especially on a summer night when its still hot after dark!!!

I am looking forward to warmer weather this spring-its been a rough 2 months since Christmas for our family and colds/sore throats etc. Poor Chase I think had it the worst-luckily he's not school aged yet so he could just chill with mom at home. Shane has had the least of it which I am so glad about since he is in school and has the weaker immune system in the family. Hasn't stopped them from keeping me busy chasing them though...HA HA!!!


The Pope Family said...

We just recently discovered Joe's Italian Ice. Yum!

The Cook Family said...

Treasure Hunting is pretty fun and FREE! Go to and sign up. You'll need a GPS, though. There's so many treasures out there to find!