Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Chase and a little bit of catch up!!!

I can't believe that 2 years ago today I was holding my precious new little man and feeling astonished I had pushed out a 10 lb 12.4 oz baby in about 5 pushes-he was really ready to join his new family. He has grown and changed so much in the last two years and is truly his own little person now. He spends his day exploring new things and soaking up as much as he can about his favorite thing right now-animals! He especially loves sea animals but will spend hours talking about and asking questions about any animal he sees or hears.
Here he is with his big brother checking him out-he was about 1 day old in this picture!

Here he is a few day ago dropping off his big brother at summer day camp!
I made the mistake of not making his 2 year well child check up early so now he won't have it till October-not sure why it takes so long to get in but I guess we'll just have to wait till:) I might try to figure out his stats myself to see how big he is now!

In other news....

Shane has been in summer day camp the last 3 weeks which has been so nice. He went last year as well and had a blast so he has been asking about it ever since and was thrilled to go this month(it was finally August again!) They have had the mobile aquarium, zoo mobile, a petting zoo, a carnival day, various sports activities, the rocket man, a magic show and many other things. Wednesday is water day with giant inflatable water slides and tons of other water play things. He gets to do bikes first each day(his favorite) and even ends each day with his group being assigned to be in yoga to end their day at camp. It is so funny to walk in and see about half the kids asleep on their mats and the other half looking so relaxed. Its a great station to get him calmed down before I take him home. He sleep like a rock each night. He has decided that one of the leaders of his group is his favorite(Sarah) and he has to say Bye to her every day when he leaves and talks about her all weekend and says how much he misses her! He has a "buddy" as each child at camp does which is basically a teenager assigned to them to help them do things, keep them with the group, etc. and Shane has been lucky enough to keep the same buddy(Christopher) all three weeks this year and he has had so much fun with him. Here he is with his buddy:
His buddy is so great with him.

Sunday afternoon we took the kids to an outdoor kid concert at the botanical gardens which we had scored free tickets for and they had a great time doing bubbles, eating our picnic dinner, and dancing along to the fun music.
Chase eating "Pirate Cannonballs"

Oh-I finally found Shane's glasses after tearing apart the house the last 3 days. They had been missing and I was not looking forward to him having to start 1st grade with no glasses-would not have been very fun for him! Amazingly this is only the second time they had been missing like that at least for days since he started wearing glasses at 2 years old. Considering his glasses cost about $700 I am more than thrilled we have always found them eventually! He's very good about taking them off at night and setting them on the dresser by his bed but this time he had I guess laid down on my bed on dads side of the bed and taken them off and stashed them in the bookshelf next to the bed out of view! AARRGG! I was going crazy!

I guess thats all for now!


The Pope Family said...

Happy Birthday, Shane! I was able to find a Mickey Mouse toddler-sized folding chair. Eliza loves it and thinks it belongs to her! I'll have to get her one, too.

Wow! Sounds like Shane enjoyed a fun summer camp. :)

The Pope Family said...

Oops...Happy Birthday, CHASE!