Friday, August 29, 2008

Day at the Zoo

So I decided since school starts up again next week I'd take the boys to the zoo with our zoo pass for a fun morning trip-man it was fun but way too hot! There were bees all over the place-people were fighting them off all around us. I think we'll wait till fall when its a bit cooler and when I get a double stroller to go again. Any tips on a double stroller that I can fit in my car trunk but can carry the wait of a 35ish pound 2 year old and a 42ish pound 7 year old. Shane just gets way to tired with all the hills and walking. I'd love a nice double jogger but I'm not to sure it would fit in my trunk. I'll have to find something though-the boys fight over who gets to sit and I have to always kick Shane out for Chase to get a chance to sit:)

Well on to the pictures!!!

This is Reggie! He has a great story behind him being at the zoo!(

Chase loved the goats at the petting zoo-Shane on the other hand just sat by the gate and waited for Chase and mom to be done:)

more goats:)

A sheep!

The sea lion was sun bathing which Shane found to be pretty amusing-we went by him later and he was taking a dip to cool off!

They have a rather new and excellent Gorilla exhibit complete with misters to make it seem real(Shane loved the misters!) and we saw about 5 gorilla including a 3 year old gorilla up close who was happily eating leaves and was the cutest little thing!

Zebras are so cool!

Moms favorite-the giraffes!

Playground time-the kids favorite part!

Chase liked chillin on this hippo!!

Shane with an elephant:)

And last but one of our favorites-an elephant. They are so hard to catch outside when its hot. This one was taking a bath which we watched and then snapped a picture right before he snuck back inside!!!

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Jen said...

It looks like you guys had a great time at the zoo despite the heat and the bees! I can't believe that Chase just celebrated his 2nd Birthday!!! Happy Belated Birthday Chase! :)

Oh yeah, I am sure glad to hear you found Shane's glasses!