Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Disneyland and California Adventure!

So my brother and his wife and daughter came out this weekend and we spent a few days at Disneyland! We were there Sunday and Monday. Yes it did downpour on Sunday off and on but Hey no lines and it was fun even though we were all bundles up and had to take cover a few times. Monday was cloudy in the morning but turned into a beautiful day! The kids had a blast and we got to do all the rides we wanted to since the lines were so short. Anyways, on to the pictures!!!!

California Adventure!

Playhouse Disney show which the kiddos loved!!!!

Here we all are waiting for it to start!

Shane with Dopey!

Chase all bundled up!

Taking cover during one of the downpours!

Chase hiding out from the rain in the stroller!

Shane in front of his favorite, the train ice cream shop!

Shanes favorite ride California Soarin had this airplane outside of it-very cool!

Shane woth Pluto-he got tons of character photos, Chase was scared/terrified of all of them-Haha!!

Aunt Amanda, Shane and Goofy

Shane insisted on going on this ride-I know I'm probably a bad mom for taking him but he would have thrown a fit otherwise and I knew after one time he'd never ask again!

Shane and mommy waiting for the ride!

Well he HATED it, was sheet white after and shaking-poor guy. After a few tears even though he held in the crying Daddy fixed evrything with a trip to the candy shop. Although he tells everyone how he hates the elevator ride and hes not big enough now!

Candy makes things all better!

Day 2-Disneyland castle!

My brother and his family on Peter Pan!

Chase and mama!

Chase and I on Dumbo!

Shane and Joe on Dumbo!

Amanda and Gwen!

Chase loved the Carousel!

Shane likes the Carousel too and this is the one in California Adventure but he'll only ride on the bench-no fish or horses for him!

My neice Gwen-isn't she adorable!!!

The end of the night on Day 2 and we got to ride in the Monorail's cockpit woth the captain-Shane was stoked!

The castle at night!!!!

We all had so much fun but Tuesday was a lazy day even though it was back to work for daddy and school for Shane-we were all pretty tired Tuesday night!

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Dave & Liz said...

I'm so jealous. We miss Disneyland. And Shane got to see Dopey!!! My favorite!!! Shane I envy you!!! Hope all is well at the Calls!! Love the Blog!!

Liz & Dave