Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hey....Check me out!

Chase has decided over the last few months that sunglasses are super cool and he LOVES to wear mom and dads and whoever else will give up theirs as well! Auntie Adelle decided he needed his own and this is the result...one super rad baby who thinks he's the bomb!

After all...why shouldn't he, he does look pretty darn handsome!


LydiaK said...

So glad to see your site up! We need to get you both in some Oakleys!!!!

TheCallFamily said...

Ha ha I actually have a pair of Oakleys too. I have brown ones(can't remember the name of them right now). I guess I need some black Oakleys so I have my basics covered. The ones in the picture are my cheap Old Navy Black ones. Chase loves sunglasses...we need some childrens Oakleys for the boys though!

Steve on the other hand is obsessed. I think he has about 5 pairs of Oakley glasses and way to many shoes. He loves Oakley shoes, its all he'll wear. I heard rumor they might stop making shoes...not sure what hubby will do then!

I need some new Oakley sandals...man we need to do some major Oakley shopping I guess. My sandals lasted through my pregnancy and after...they have seen many miles! I think I better go back to work to support the habit.